Registration Home & Instructions

Welcome to the Online Registration for the 2017 NSS Convention in Rio Rancho, NM

Quick directions:
If you want to register for the NSS convention, Select register in the panel to the left, then look for Online NSS 2017 Convention and select the appropriate choice according to your needs.

Please note: The WNS decon statement is required and will appear to add an additional Attendee.

If you want to also attend events not covered in standard convention membership, then you can browse the events after selecting your intended membership. When prompted to confirm if you want to check out or other options, one option is return to events. At that point select Special Events and make your selections. Repeat this again for symbolic devices if you want additional merchandise (like patches, pins, tshirts). After putting them in your cart, you are ready to check out. Follow the onscreen instructions and put in the appropriate information in it’s designated field.

Complete this section for the primary registrant and then check the (small) box that says use Attendee 1 info.
This will auto complete the form with the info you entered for Attendee 1 for any additional Attendees that are part of this registration / transaction.
Attendee 1 and 2 will be your primary registrant’s info.

If you are registering more than 1 person, or adding additional items or events, you should review each following section and adjust the names and other info accordingly.

If you did not get everything you wanted, but have already paid for your cart, you will have to purchase it separately.

Once the payment has gone through, you should get an email confirming your registration.

If you need additional assistance please feel free to contact